How to Repair Corrupted Video File?

Whenever video player says one of most important MOV or MP4 file is no more playable, it is difficult to abide. At the moment people look blank as they are unaware of how to deal with the broken video file. And most of the people delete the file by thinking it’s no more usable. If you are passing through such a scenario, never think of deleting the unplayable video files, instead think of how to repair corrupt video file. You might wonder of is it possible to repair corrupt MP4 video file or MOV file. Yes, it is possible and you can do on your own with the help of video repair tool. With the help of fix corrupt video tool, it is extreme simple to repair unplayable video files.

On most occasions, MOV and MP4 video files get corrupt on account of various reasons. Video player refuses to ply such dead files. And losing most important videos is like heart breaking for any user. At times when a player says that the file is corrupted, without any further delay go ahead and repair the damaged video file using fix corrupted video tool. Within short it will let you convert your dead file into a healthy playable video file. It is a simple to use video repair tool natively designed to fix unplayable MOV and MP4 files on Windows and Mac machines. Software can also fix video files with avi format, to know more just logon to

Following are some scenarios responsible for corruption of MOV and MP4 video files:

  • Recording video file when the camcorder is low on battery
  • Faulty firmware of camcorder/digital camera
  • Corruption of Journal or Catalog file on Mac might damage the file
  • Abnormal system shutdown during transfer of video files
  • Abruptly pulling out the cable of iPod/iPhone during file transfer

Forget about how the file was corrupt, as long as you have fix corrupt video tool, no need to worry at all. It is the best utility designed to repair corrupted MP4 and MOV files on Mac OS X computer and Windows machines. It will fix video files of any size and even if they are compressed also. It has efficient algorithms that extract audio and video data streams from the corrupt video file, repairs audio and video data stream and finally adjoins them to make a playable video file. Software perform this process in some clicks of mouse.

Fix corrupt is not only for video files. It is collection of repair utilities designed for different file types. You can repair corrupt avi files at your own using fix corrupt avi tool. It will repair avi, DivX and Xvid files which are not playable. Even if you have a word document which is not readable, you can repair it. Fix corrupt word utility helps you to fix corrupted Word files on Windows computer. Read more about the tool by downloading its demo version on your computer.

Simple steps to fix corrupted video files:

Step 1: Launch the installed demo version of the software by double clicking on the desktop shortcut or from programs menu. You will get main window as shown in Figure 1.

How to Repair Video File - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Click on Open button to select the file you want to repair. Upon selecting the file, repair button will enable for you as shown in Figure 2. Click on enabled repair button.

How to Repair Video File - Click on Repair

Figure 2: Click on Repair

Step 3: Upon completion, you will get the repaired file. Preview the fixed file as shown in Figure 3.

How to Repair Video File - Preview video

Figure 3: Preview video

Step 4: if you are satisfied with the demo version results, buy the application to save the video file.