How to Fix Corrupted AVI Video Files?

People do take necessary precautions when it comes to their favorite video files, but there will be certain unpredictable situations in which avi file gets corrupt either due to human errors or due to technical glitches. And that is an awful moment which people never expect. Those who have a backup of the damaged file, lucky to get the working file back in one click. In case if the backup of broken video file doesn’t exist, then one has to fix the file if it is badly needed. And repairing corrupt avi files is not complex any more. Yes, you can repair corrupt avi video file on your own. With the help of avi video player, it is not at all possible, but when you hire a reliable video repair tool it is effortless. Not only the video, it is also possible to repair Outlook 2010 OST file and the software for this can be obtained at -

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is one of the most preferred video file formats developed by Microsoft. Most of video players play avi file normally, but at times when they found that the file is corrupt, player refuses to perform their task. Once you hit with such a moment, rather than wasting time on trying with video player again and again, think of fix corrupted file tool. As long as you have this application, you don’t need to worry about how to fix video files either on Mac or Windows. Let it scan the damaged file for once and soon after completion, you will get playable video file. Within few simple clicks on the software, you can turn the dead file into a healthy avi video file. Even you can repair corrupted PPT file in couple of mouse clicks with the help of Fix Corrupted PowerPoint Software.

Few people think that how does my avi file got corrupt?? There are numerous ways in which a video file may get damaged. And few common reasons are listed here for you as they might serve as precautionary measures in future.

  • At times when video file gets infected by virus, file may get damage
  • Sometimes third party applications may also corrupt avi files
  • Packet loss while downloading avi video files from internet
  • If a player crashes while playing avi files, it may result in corruption
  • Errors while synchronizing avi files between computer and removable drive

Forget about the reasons as for now and think of only repair to get your file fixed with ease. In the sense nothing much you need to do here. All the software expects from user end is few simple mouse clicks. Once you load the broken file into repair tool, it automatically fixes the errors and output the playable file for you. To know more queries and solutions for fixing unplayable videos click here.

Fix corrupted is not only restricted to media files like avi, DivX and Xvid. In case if you have a damaged word file, you can use fix corrupted word file using fix corrupted word utility. It comes with efficient features to repair corrupted Microsoft Word files on Windows computers. And there is software using which you can also repair PowerPoint files on Windows computer. Using which it is extremely easy to repair corrupted files in Windows 7 machines. Just visit "" for more tips to fix files on Windows operating system. To know more about how to fix corrupted PPT document file on MS Windows of different versions such as Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, XP, 7, etc using this software.

Simple steps to repair corrupt avi file:

Step 1: Launch the installed demo version of fix corrupted avi software. Main window of the software will appear as shown in Fig 1. Click on Browse button to select the corrupted avi file.

Fix Corrupt AVI Files - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: After loading the avi file, Repair button will be enabled for you as shown in Fig 2. Click on the enabled Repair button to proceed with the repair process.

Fix Corrupt AVI Files - Click on Repair

Fig 2: Click on Repair

Step 3: Soon after completion, you will be opted either to preview or to save repaired avi file as shown in Fig 3.

Fix Corrupt AVI Files - Preview

Fig 3: Preview

Step 4: Using Preview option to evaluate the results. If you are satisfied, buy the software to save the repaired file.